Elections in Minsk: Police arrest, punch Belsat TV cameraman in head at polling station

Four policemen have beaten Belsat TV cameraman Andrus Kozel at a polling station in Minsk.

Our colleague, an observer at the elections to local councils of deputies, was livestreaming the process of voting on his Facebook.

Kozel was taken to Tsentralny district police department. Journalist Volha Czajczyc saw him being taken out of a car. The policemen broke the glass in the door to the polling station with Andrus’ head when they were detaining him, he was bleeding, she said. According to preliminary information, the man is accused of attacking police officers.

Міліцыянты Разбілі галавой маёй дхверы выбарчага вучастка. Нанеслі 4 удара па галаве. Ввязуць на Арлоўскую састаўляць нападзенне на міліцыянтаў

Opublikowany przez Andrusa Kozla Niedziela, 18 lutego 2018

Андруся збілі 4 міліцыянты на вучастку. Ягонай галавой разбілі шкло, ідзе кроў з галавы, вязуць у цэнтральны РАУС афармляць напад на міліцыянтаў.

Opublikowany przez Volhę Chaichyts Niedziela, 18 lutego 2018

“They punched me in the head four times,” the cameraman managed to write on Facebook.

There is no man named Andrus Kozel among the detainees, representatives of Tsentralny district police department told Belsat TV.

(UPD) Kozel has been put in the detention centre in Akrestsin street. He is highly likely to be tried on Monday.

Belsat TV cameraman being taken from police department to detention centre

The election to the local councils of deputies is scheduled for February, 18. More than 18,000 deputies of local councils are to be elected in Belarus af about 22,200 candidates. Early voting kicked off in Belarus on February, 13. There might have been many rigged votes and violations from Tuesday till Saturday, independent observers warn.