Election commission rigs turnout figures, observer claims

Public activist Aleh Korban, who is an observer at polling station #585 in Minsk, says that the precinct election commission overstated the voters’ turnout several times.

According to the calculation of independent observers, 29 people took part in the first day of early voting at the polling station. But according to the protocol, there were 110 or 3.8 times more of them..

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“They [the members of the election commission – Belsat.eu] claim that we simply did not count well. According to their data, there was this exact number and other observers do not make such comments,” said Korban in a comment to Belsat.

Out of 29 people recorded by independent observers, 26 are women. According to Korban, they are in good relations with the commission members. This makes him think that these people either work here – at the gymnasium #6, where the polling station is located, or have previously participated in election campaigns.

The activist plans to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, although he does not believe in the recheck of the commission’s information.

Nevertheless, Aleh Korban believes that observation is important because, in his opinion, it makes it possible to assess the actual participation of citizens in the voting. The observers also record violations and gives support to democratic candidates – in his case Dzmitry Kaspyarovich from the BPF and Natallia Harachka from the BPDP, he said.