East or West. Carl Bildt knows by now where Belarus wants to go

“Where does Belarus really want to go?” The Belarusian Foreign Ministry answered Sweden’s former FM question.

Carl Bildt, who participated in Tuesday’s meeting of the delegation of the European Council on Foreign Relations with Belarusian MPs, posted a picture on his Twitter:

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied on Twitter:

“Certainly sounds like it. Had a most interesting time, anyhow, the Swedish politician commented.

Europe appreciates Belarus’ efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, Bildt, who is currently Director of the Center for European Reform, stressed on Tuesday.  

“We appreciate Belarus’ efforts aimed at supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” he said.

At that, he pointed out that there should not be political prisoners in Belarus.

‘Any number of political prisoners, apart from zero, is unacceptable,’ Carl Bildt said.