Downed Su-24 forgotten? Turkey top destination for Russians again

It took Turkey only three days to regain its position of the most popular resorts among Russians.

On July 1, president Vladimir lifted the ban on flights to Turkey and sanctioned selling package tours to the country with which Russia had been at odds since Turkey’s downing its Sukhoi Su-24 fighter in November, 2015.

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The demand has immediately risen. Due to the lack of charter flights the average price for such tours has increased by 40%.

Prior to the introduction of the ban on the sale of package tours to Turkey, it was the most popular destination among Russian tourists. In 2015 it was visited by 3.46 mln persons.

However, not all Russians are happy with the ‘return’ of their compatriots to Turkish resorts accusing them of the lack of patriotism. Internet users keep mocking at the sweeping change:


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