‘Down with human rights violations!’ Activist to hold rally during OSCE PA meeting in Minsk

Maxim Vinyarski, an activist of European Belarus civil campaign, is calling on unindifferent Belarusians to take part in a protest rally against the joint Russian-Belarusian war game ‘West-2017’ on July, 7. 

He wants to time the event to the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, which will be held on July 5-9 in Minsk.

“Domestic and foreign pressure on the regime has played an important role in the release of the deendants in the patriots case. The authorities has to make concessions not least because the Belarusian capital hosts important international forums; the regime is trying to use them to legitimize itself. One of such events, a session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, will be held in Minsk on July 5-9. We demand the issue of violations of human rights in our country be raised in the course of it,” the activist said.

Maxim Vinyarski also stresses that there are still people who were jailed on political grounds.

About 200 persons took part in a protest rally organised by former political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich in downtown Minsk on July, 3. It should be noted that on the same day the parade was held on the occasion of Independence Day.