Dictatorship becomes Belarus’ brand – Lukashenka’s press secretary

The presidential spokesperson often thinks about ‘dictatorship’. In her opinion, it has become our country’s brand.

On March 7, Natallya Eysmant was a guest of Markau. Nothing Personal show on the state-run TV channel ONT.

“For the time being, ‘dictatorship’ is a very interesting word. It is perceived differently. This is sort of unusual trend that I quite often think about. After all, we do use the word, but people render it in completely different ways, sometimes there is a satirical note. And it seems to me that now, in 2019, the word ‘dictatorship’ gets a positive connotation sometimes,” she said.

According to the press secretary, the world may face an increasing demand for dictatorships soon.

“We see what is happening around – there is sometimes chaos and mess. I may be saying a paradoxical and unexpected thing, but it seems to me that demand for dictatorship may emerge in the world – not today, but maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because our current understanding makes us see, in my opinion, primarily order, discipline and an absolutely normal and peaceful life behind dictatorship,” Eysmant believes.

“In my opinion, we utter the word so often that the dictatorship has already become our brand,” she stressed.

Among other things, the press secretary said about the injury her boss suffered while playing hockey. She expected that the Belarusian leader would keep bed and go off the public radar for some days, but in vain.

“But it is not for our president. We were working as actively as always, in accordance with our regular schedule,” the spokeswoman stressed.

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