Detained activist from Masty in hospital with COVID 19

Alyaksandr Milyuk. Photo:

The member of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s team from Masty Aleksandr Milyuk was returning home with his son on July 3 and was detained by traffic police after a clash with a drunk man. Both men were taken to the local police precinct, where Alyaksandr felt bad and was taken away by doctors, later the activist was diagnosed with COVID 19.

He went home with his son but ended up in police custody.

On the evening of July 3, a team member of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya – Alyaksandr Milyuk – was returning home with his son. A man came up to Milyuk. He was intoxicated and started provoking him, insulting Alyaksandr and claiming he owed the man money. Milyuk and his son tried to leave. Alyaksandr insisted that he did not know the man who then started pushing Milyuk. Soon the police car stopped and both men were taken to a local police station allegedly on suspicion of violation of article 17.1 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Belarus “Insulting harassment of citizens and other deliberate actions that violate public order, activity of organizations or peace of mind of citizens and manifest themselves in obvious disrespect for society”. Alyaksandr and his son were taken to the police station. The son was later taken home by Milyuk’s wife.

Hospital instead of detention cell

The police wanted to put him in detention cell, but the doctors did not allow for that, taking Alyaksandr to the hospital instead. He was twice tested for COVID 19, both tests returned positive results.

“Now he is in the hospital, we decided not to give more detailed information yet,” said Yulia Tsikhanouskaya, a comrade-in-arms and team member.

Milyuk’s wife is known to have a fever, but the test results are not yet available. It’s also unknown whether the police drew up a report on Alyaksandr.

The third unjustified detention in a month…

Alyaksandr Milyuk has been detained several times in the last month. First he was interrogated about the provocation against Syarhei Tsikhanouski in Hrodna on May 29. Later police and doctors came to his house to quarantine Alyaksandr. He was also detained by road police when Milyuk went to his parents’ house.

Miliuk’s comrades-in-arms note that he will soon tell the details himself.