Criminal case opened against former Defense Minister of Ukraine

Former Ukraine Defense Minister Dmytro Salamatin is suspected of participation in the criminal organization of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. This was announced by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

Also, Salamatina has been charged with seizing other people’s property on a large scale by abusing his official position, committing high treason in the interests of the Russian Federation, undermining the defense capability, state and economic security of Ukraine by committing deliberate actions aimed at ousting Ukraine from world arms markets in favor of the Russian Federation.

“Just the deliberate actions of Salamatin in disrupting the contract between the state enterprise Morozov Kharkiv Engineering Design Bureau, the Antonov state enterprise and the Progress state enterprise and the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Iraq for the supply, repair and maintenance of military equipment led to Ukraine’s loss of USD 560 million,” Lutsenko stressed.

Департаментом міжнародно-правового співробітництва ГПУ оголошено підозру колишньому Міністру оборони України Саламатіну…

Opublikowany przez Юрій Луценко Poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2019

  • Dmitry Salamatin used to head the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and was a member of the National Security and Defense Council from February to December 2012. After Euromaidan, Salamatin left for Russia.
  • The successor to Salamatin as Minister of Defense, Mikhail Yezhel, who took office in 2014, is also accused of undermining Ukraine’s defense capability. He has received political asylum in Belarus..