Count Prushynski wants to run for presidency in Belarus

The newspaper Narodnaya Volya has published appeal by Count Alyaksandr Prushynski to Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Euroradio reports.

Prushynski has claimed that he intends to participate in the upcoming presidential election. he has no illusions about the victory, but sees participation in the presidential race as an opportunity to promote his ideas.

Alyaksandr Prushynski offers to use Singapore as an example for the development of Belarus.

“The welfare of the Singapore citizens grew by more than 4 times, and unemployment is less than 4%. Singapore citizens do not move out en masse from their country, as do the Belarusians and Poles. People from other countries tend to go to Singapore because there is good money there,” said Alyaksandr Prushynski.

Count Prushynski was born in 1934 in the estate of Ragoznitsa in Hrodna. He emigrated with his family. He then returned to Belarus in the early 1990s. Several years ago, the Count received Belarusian citizenship.