Corruption row: Belarus-born sex worker exposes link between Russian oligarch and Putin’s official

A native of the Belarusian town of Babruysk unintentionally revealed juicy details of a sex life of Russian oligarchs and top officials by posting compromising photos on Instagram.

Old familiar faces attracted attention of the Anti-Corruption Foundation headed by the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. The organisation set up its own investigation and published the results in a new video.

English subtitles

Nastya Rybka (real name Anastasiya Vashukevich) not only reported on Instagram (18+), but lifted the veil on Russian VIPs’ private life in her book A Story Of Seducing A Billionaire, Or A Clone For An Oligarch. According to Navalny, ‘alum king’ Oleg Deripaska and top official Sergei Prikhodko are easily recognisable in two fictional characters.

Deripaska is a billionaire, director of aluminium producer Rusal; Prikhodko is Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of Staff of the Government. Previously, he was an aide to Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. The video gives evidence of the duo’s taking a boat ride with the so-called good-time girls’to the coast of Norway in August 2016.

Deripaska and Rybka were repeatedly spotted going out together. On her Instagram, there are pictures of her resting on Deripaska’s yacht. In addition, she posted short videos and audio recordings that were be of service to the opposition foundation. Navalny and his associates managed not only to identify guests and the owner of the yacht, but to track their route as well. Prikhodko’s presence explicitly specifies that the high-profile government official is corrupted and rotten to the core, the politician believes.