Continuous hacker attack on anti-Lukashenka website

Hackers have repeatedly attacked the website Luka’s Gang: its creators collect information about the Belarusian law enforcers and government officials, including their personal data.

According to the anarchist news resource Revolutionary Action, someone attempted to hack the website more than 500 times within one hour on May, 15. Over the last 24 hours, hackers have tried to intercept the password for administrative access about 4,000 times.

“This attack was committed by security forces of Belarus, most likely by the KGB or the Operational and Analytical Centre under the aegis of the president. This is indicative of the usefulness of such publications and searching for information about Lukashenka’s bandits who are very afraid of notoriety. Therefore, information will be updated and published,” anonymous activists promised.

The dossiers on the head of the Presidential Administration Natallya Kachanava and Prime Minister Andrey Kabyakou are among the latest publications on the website. There is no access to it in the territory of Belarus, but the authors of the project made a mirror one.

Law enforcement officers, judges, senior officials and state media journalists who are loyal to Lukashenka regime are labelled as ‘Luka’s Gang’ on the site. A dossier usually contains photos, links to social media profiles, etc.