Constitutional Court of Russia declares resetting of Putin’s presidential terms legal

The Russian Constitutional Court has concluded that the amendments to the Constitution, including those that reset Vladimir Putin’s previous presidential terms, are legitimate.

According to the Russian Constitutional Court, the resetting of Vladimir Putin’s presidential term does not contradict the basic law.

“Regulation of the permissible number of terms, during which the same person may hold the post of the President of the Russian Federation, does not prevent a person, who held and (or) holds the post of the President at the moment of the amendment entry into force, from participating in presidential elections as a candidate,” says the court’s ruling.

Vladimir Putin suggested amending the Constitution of Russia on January 15. After that, a special commission worked out the amendments to the main law of the country.

Later, State Duma deputy Valentina Tereshkova suggested resetting Vladimir Putin’s presidential terms.

For his part, Putin said that this amendment is possible provided that the Constitutional Court determines that it does not contradict the principles and provisions of the main law of the country.