Clients in Moscow, doers in Ukraine? Two killed in blast in Kyiv

Yesterday’s explosion in Kyiv resulted in the death of two men.

On Wednesday evening, a blast occurred near the building of Espreso TV Channel on Mitskevich street. Four people were injured, including MP Ihor Mosiychuk and political scientist Vitaliy Bala.

Mosiychuk’s bodyguard Ruslan Kushnir and police officer Mykhailo Mormel died in hospital.

Операція пройшла успішно. Лікарі оцінюють стан Ігоря Мосійчука як середньої тяжкості. Наразі його перевели до…

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According to Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), the explosion has been defines as a terrorist attack.

Investigators are currently considering all scenarios behind the explosion. It has already been established that unidentified people blew up a scooter when the MP was passing by, SBU spokesperson Olena Hitlianska said.

The scooter had been reportedly parked at the entrance to the Espreso TV office 20 minutes before the tragedy.

На месте события работает следственно-оперативная группа.Судя по повреждениям автомобиля и осколочным отверстиям в…

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“Ihor Volodymyrovych was on air on the Espreso TV channel. He was leaving the building together with his body guard, as the car that was parked near the building’s exit exploded,” Mosiychuk’s press secretary Anna Senik told TV Channel 112.

Mosiychuk, a member of the Radical Party, received limb, abdomen and back injures. He has undergone a major surgery. Vitaliy Bala has been successfully operated on as well.

“I believe that clients are in Moscow, but doers are in Kyiv, probably agents in patriotic circles,” Mosiychuk said in his statement posted on Facebook.

Video of the explosion. WARNING 18+

Вибух під Еспресо. Чоловік на відео помер у лікарні

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Immediately after the explosion, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry suggested that Russian special services might have been involved in the crime.