‘CIA agents’: Belarus Communist Party vows to support Lukashenka, fight against opposition

The Communist Party of Belarus decided against nominating its own candidate for the presidential election-2015: they are going to support the incumbent president. The Communists intend not only to participate actively in all stages of the electoral campaign, collect signatures for Lukashenka and observe the elections, but also to ‘expose plans of the opposition’.

“The electoral process should be used to unite the party and recruit new people, to educate workers in all areas of political and socio-economic development on the basis of Marxist-Leninist methodology, the practice of socialist construction,” Ihar Karpenka, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC, said. At the same time, he recalled that the ‘international capital has a huge arsenal of ideological and informational means and methods to massively affect the public consciousness for the purpose of political manipulation of the masses’.

 “Given the current situation, our party should take counter-propaganda measures against ‘opposition candidates ‘, their agitators and agents at all stages of the election campaign. Belarusian voters should know well, where these political dinosaurs brought up by the US State Department since Gorbachev’s perestroika lead to, ” the country’s main communist country, who is also Deputy Chairman of Minsk city executive committee, stressed.

“It is necessary to systematically inform citizens of the true goals set by ‘fifth column’ in accordance with the plans of the CIA to turn Belarus into Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine”, Karpenko believes.

According to him, the Communists are about to ‘mobilize all available resources and prevent the opposition destructive forces’ attempts to hold  pickets, meetings, rallies, marches and other events unsanctioned by the authorized state bodies after the closing of polling stations’.

www.belsat.eu/en/, following BelaPAN