Yury Chyzh sacked from Belarusian Wrestling Federation

The owner of the “Triple” Group Yury Chyzh, who has been in the KGB jail since May, lost his position as head of the Belarusian Wrestling Federation.

Elections for a new leader was held on July 29 at an extraordinary election conference of the “Belarusian Wrestling Federation”.

Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Alyaksandr Dubkousky was elected to the post of Chairman.

Yury Chizh, arrested on March 11 and suspected of tax evasion on a large scale, had been heading the Belarusian Wrestling Federation from December 2008.

Yury Chizh who has been the owner of the FC “Dynamo” (Minsk) since 1988 used to be chairman of the supervisory board there but was later succeeded by son – Syarhei Chyzh.

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