Chuvashia ex-head who sued Putin has severe pneumonia

Mikhail Ignatiev, the former head of Chuvashia, was diagnosed with double pneumonia and hospitalised in St. Petersburg, the newspaper Kommersant reports, citing its own sources.

According to the media outlet, Ignatiev was taken to hospital in early May; his lung disease assumed a grave character. By the moment, the politician has been put on the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine.

In January, Putin dismissed the head of Chuvashia due to the ‘loss of confidence’. He was also expelled from the United Russia party. Later, Mikhail Ignatiev filed a lawsuit against President Vladimir Putin to the Supreme Court. He wants to appeal the presidential decree on the early termination of his powers as head of the region.

A hearing is scheduled for June 30, but the Supreme Court has already rejected part of Ignatiev’s claims regarding social guarantees. It is also known that copies of documents were sent to Vladimir Putin.

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