Chechen policemen use pipes to punish quarantine violators

The Russian Telegram channel Baza has published a video in which Chechen policemen hold long sticks in their hands. They are supposed to help fight quarantine violators.

“The quarantine is on. Those who don’t understand it will be treated with pipe stick to get it. This is the silence in Shali [a town 40 km from Grozny – the capital of Chechnya],” says the policeman on video.

On March 28, Ramzan Kadyrov said that because of the coronavirus the movement of people in Chechnya would be restricted.

Earlier Novaya Gazeta published a similar video. The newspaper wrote that police officers are holding polypropylene pipes in their hands.

Это видео сделано сегодня в Чечне. По словам очевидцев, кордоны полицейских с полипропиленовыми трубами останавливают машины и отлавливают людей без масок.

— Новая Газета (@novaya_gazeta) March 29, 2020