Charnobylski Shlyakh 2018 held in Minsk on April 26

Charnobylski Shlyakh held in Minsk on April 26.

Charnobylski Shlyakh is a traditional street action held in Minsk by the Belarusian opposition every April 26. The first action took place in 1988.

Participants of the rally gathered near the “Kastrychik” cinema at 18:00. Soon, the group started along the route Independence Avenue – Surhanava – Arlouskaya to the commemorative sign “Victims of Charnobyl.” At 20:00-20:30 there was a joint prayer. Belsat TV was actively following and streaming the event.

The first participants of the rally were holding national symbols and the “Mother of God’s victims of Charnobyl” icon. Other activists lined up along the avenue with portraits of political prisoners. This athering point was not part of the agreed meeting place.

Activists conducted a performance: they brought a mock-up of the reactor, which was later dropped. When asked what happened, they said: “It’s all right.” The reactor layout had the “We are not to blame, it just fell” inscription on it.

The application for the “Charnobylski Shlyakh” was submitted by seven political parties and social movements. Among them was the Belarusian Christian Democracy, whose representative Vital Rymasheuski noted:

“This “Shlyakh” is different in that there will be similar events in the regions. The 26th is the first of a series of events to be held. The next ones are planned in Zaslaul, Maladzechna and up to Astravets, in order to attract public attention to the next possible nuclear catastrophe”.

Opposition poliitcian Paval Sevyarynets also came to the rally.

“We believe that the Astravets nuclear power plant is a Russian nuclear bomb, we do not need a second Charnobyl, and therefore we are conducting Astravets Shlyakh all the second half of the year,” the politician said.

At about 19:00 the procession almost reached the Bangalore Square. People were shouting the “Long live Belarus!” slogans.

There was also present Alyaksandr Kabanau, who opposes the construction of a battery plant near Brest.

After several speeches people chanted “No to nuclear power plant in Belarus”.

Paval Sevyarynets read out the resolution on behalf of the participants of the current “Charnobyl Shlyakh”, which contained an appeal to stop the construction of the nuclear power plant in Astravets and the demand to stop political repression and ensure freedom of speech and the creation of public organizations and political parties in Belarus.

At about 20:30 Paval Sevyarynets announced the end of the action. Participants sang the “Mighty God” anthem and lit candles and lay flowers to the cross and the memorable sign.

Photo-report was made by Vyachaslau Radzimich




Photo: Iryna