Catastrophic corruption level in Belarus. Who is to blame?

Last year, 1922 cases of bribery were recorded in Belarus. This is one and a half times more than a year earlier. In 2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted the growth of corruption crimes by 12.8%.

The criminal statistics are confirmed by polls of Belarusian businessmen.

According to the IPM Research Center, in recent years, every third entrepreneur complained about corruption in Belarus. In 2016, the assessment of the situation improved, but in 2017, it returned to the previous alarming indicators. One of the causes of corruption is the high state presence in the economy.

Belarusian corruption is concentrated in the business sphere. Ordinary citizens do not come across it very often.

Last year, official Minsk once again did not agree to publish a report on fighting corruption, which was prepared by GRECO, the Council of Europe’s special body.

The increase in cases of bribery recorded by statistics may indicate both a worsening of the situation with corruption, and vice versa — that law enforcers were ordered to conduct an anti-corruption campaign.

Last year, a number of major Belarusian officials were detained on charges of taking bribes. Among them were deputy general director of the BelAZ plant, the head of the transport inspection of the Ministry of Transport, the former chairman of the Salihorsk district executive committee, as well as heads of municipal enterprises from the Minsk, Vitsebsk and Mahiliou regions.

Ales Papko, Belsat, photo: