Candidate for deputies calls for impeachment of Lukashenka, get removed from air

The address of Homiel activist Uladzimir Niapomniashchykh, who had previously been registered as a candidate in the parliamentary elections, was removed from TV air, the UCP reports.

The address was supposed to be delivered at 7 p.m. on October 22, but it did not happen.

“It means I said everything right and stepped on the blister of this administration. Of which I am very proud. My main “fault” is that the first item of my program in the parliament will be the impeachment of Lukashenka,” commented Nyapomniashchykh.

In his address, the candidate suggested limiting the security of the head of state to two employees. He also said he would seek the minimum wage for the deputies of the House of Representatives in the country.

“All these people who have been wearing the seat of their pants, rather than protecting the people, I want to exclude the length of service in the parliament from the pension term and to return the money they received in the form of pensions, salaries and benefits to the state,” said the activist.

Nyapomniyashchyh added that in the near future he was going to send a complaint about the fact that the address was not aired. He plans to post his speech on the Internet soon.