Muddy but happy

Second cultural festival of the three nations has taken place near the border in Hrodna.

The main feature of the festival called “August Channel in the culture of three nations” is swamp football competition held all day long.[/vc_column_text]

The football site was prepared in advance: a small football field was so much soaked by water hoses that during the games participants sometimes got into the quagmire as deep as the knee. The supply of water for wetting the area and for washing the participants after the game was provided by the Emergency Situations Ministry. The competitions took place to the music by folk groups which made the action look even more comical.

For the second time there was also held a rafting event called “any vessel works.” The idea is that each team had to prepare as original vessel as possible, but it was to cover a distance of 300 meters (no time limit).

Since most teams were from district government structures, the event looked very original: a vessel looking like a waste truck from Smarhon or school bus (hydrabus) from Lida. Slonim officials dressed up like Indians and called the vessel “Island of Bad Luck.” For the first time the event was attended by the Poles.

Near the ground were exhibited from artisans and craftsmen, Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian bands were playing on the stage.

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