Brest protests against battery factory

Residents of Brest have held another protest against the battery factory. The traditional “feeding of pigeons” in the city center and an unauthorized procession was attended by several hundred people.

Human rights activist Uladzimir Vyalichkin told that about 200-300 people came to “feed the pigeons” this time. Two people came in the image of death – wearing black clothes, black capes and a scythe.

Protests in Brest, April 26th. Photo:

“People are not satisfied with the factory and went to the square to make it clear to the authorities that the battery factory does not belong here,” said Vyalichkin.”

Protests in Brest, April 26th. Photo:
Protests in Brest, April 26th. Photo:

At the rally, people chant “No Battery Plant” and “Officials must be jailed,” “Lukashenka, go away”. They also call for the release of Brest protest leaders: Dzmitry Bekalyuk, Alyaksandr Kabanau and Dzmitry Andrasyuk.

  • On April 10, the iPower battery plant received a positive result of the state environmental expert review. The next stage will involve testing of the plant equipment, water supply, sewerage and ventilation systems.
  • People in Brest and its surroundings are sure that emissions from the plant will harm their health and the environment. They have gone out to protest by “feeding the pigeons” every Sunday since February 2018. After April 2018, local authorities did not give permission for the rallies, although the organizers have repeatedly applied for them.