Brest: Belsat TV contributor freed from penalty

Brest Regional Court has taken the side of Belsat TV contributor Ales Lyauchuk and dismissed the ruling of a district court.

Last year Belsat became aware that Shevchenko Street in Brest was repaired only in half, while the official report claimed it was done in full. Our film crew went there and filmed a story on the spot. As a result, police officer Raman Trafimuk drew a protocol upon Ales Lyauchuk for the violation of the law on mass media.

Interestingly, the policeman failed to accurately make it. Then Trafimuk drew a new protocol – in Lyauchuk’s absence and without his signature. Moreover, the journalist was sent a summons to the trial 14 minutes before its start. Judge Raman Karaban imposed 612.5 BYN fine on him for reporting on corruption in Brest.

Of course, it could not satisfy the journalist and he appealed against the ruling. The Regional Court dismissed it and sent the case back to the district court.

“It means that they will not be able to try me in this case, because the statute of limitation expired,” Lyauchuk says.

In accordance with Article 380 of the Criminal Code, police officer Trafimuk who actually forged the documents, may be punished. Lyauchuk has already filed a complain against his illegal actions to the police.