Blogger who called police to ask how to avoid arrest detained and fined in Minsk

He was later put in a temporary detention center. On Monday, he was fined 540 BYN for “petty hooliganism”.

The blogger and the participant of the project Ivan Prus was detained on Friday about 17:00. The reason was a call to a Minsk police department, where he tried to find out how to behave on the street in order not to end up in a paddy wagon. The video recording of the conversation was viewed over 8 thousand times.

“In short: do not worry, no one is taken anywhere in the paddy wagon. So you can relax and sleep in peace. And the police have already taken care of our peace,” he summed up.

Ivan was detained in the city, perhaps he was followed.

In addition to cooperation with, Ivan Prus is a PR manager of the production center Spamash, he used to work as a journalist for Bel-Ros TV.

After a brutal dispersal of the line to the store in Minsk, many Belarusians began calling the police department and asking how not to get detained on the street. However, Ivan was the first person to be detained because of this.