‘Belsat’ journalists under police pressure for reporting closure of Minsk school

Journalists Lyubou Luniova and Zmitser Krauchuk had protocols drawn on them for work without accreditation.

Several days ago, Belsat journalist Lyubou Luniova was tolda that she would be drawn to responsibility under Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code of Belarus – journalistic work without accreditation. She had made a story about the closing of schools in Shabany district of Minsk.

According to the journalist, the case will be heard in two weeks. She faces a fine of 460 BYN.

Three weeks before the start of the school year, students of the school number 210, which is considered the best in the Zavodskoy district of the capital, learned that they would have to study in another school. In early August, Belsat TV crew went there to film a story.

We film an interview with the head of the district department of education.

Journalists believe that it was the interview that became the basis for the proceedings.

Recently, freelance journalists received seven administrative protocols: Kastus Zhukousky from to Zhlobin, Homiel and Dobrush district police departments, Maryna Drabysheuskaya received two from the Chyhunachny district, Larysa Schyrakova – from the Savietski and Chyhunachny police department of Homiel.