Belsat goes live: Easter Sunday Mass from Gate of Dawn

On April 12, Belsat viewers will have an opportunity to watch online or on TV a Holy Mass served in the iconic place of the Lithuanian capital.

The Gate of Dawn is considered to be a landmark building in the history of Belarus. The chapel located in the city gate is the major pilgrimage destination in Vilnius; every year, thousands of Belarusian Catholic and Orthodox Christians visit the neighbouring country to kneel down and say their prayers to Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn.

Father Józef Makarczyk will hold the festive service which is to start on Sunday at 15:30 (Minsk time) and be chanted in three languages (Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian).

Our audience can enjoy the live broadcast via Asstra 4A satellite, on website or on our Youtube channel BELSAT LIFE.

Stay at home and celebrate Easter together with Belsat TV!

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