Belsat cameraman and blogger Mikhail Arshynski sentenced

On May 12, cameraman Mikhail Arshynski, who cooperates with Belsat, was tried for the second time for streaming unauthorized rallies in Mahiliou.

On May 11, Mr Arshynski had already received 10 days of administrative arrest for participation in an unsanctioned mass event. On May 5th , he was filming how the police detained bloggers of the “Country for Life” on Vitsebsk avenue in Mahiliou. Judge Tatsiana Mikhailava said Mr Arshynsky took an active part in an unauthorized event and sentenced the cameraman to 10 days of arrest.

Photo: Belsat.euAt the trial on May 12, Mikhail Arshynski said that at the temporary detention center on May 6th he was completing the editorial assignment for Initially, the judge rejected Arshynski’s request to call the site editor as a witness in the case. Only a policeman was heard as a witness.

Arshynsky explained that on May 6th he was at the TDC as a journalist. His comments can be heard on the video, they were addressed not to the participants but to the viewers. But the judge was only interested in whether Mr Arshynski was at the TDC that day.


On May 12th, Mr Arshynski, who works with Belsat, was tried for the second time for streaming the unauthorized rallies in Mahiliou.


The cameraman did not admit his guilt. In Arshynski’s opinion, there was no rally or procession at the TDC, and after a warning from the police the people immediately dispersed. Mikhail believes that the authorities see the journalists as a threat and courts are trying to bring down the wave of people’s discontent.


Judge Aksana Ratnikava found Arshynski guilty and sentenced him to 11 days of administrative arrest.

Volha Vasilyeva/