Bellegpram again wants to limit second hand stores in big cities

Bellegpram continues to insist on regulating second hand stores, the concern chairperson Tatsiana Luhina said on STV.

According to Bellegprom head Luhina, last year Belarus imported $78 million worth of goods in the second hand category. The official reminded that the concern had previously offered to close these shops.

“Close or not close — we have made our suggestions and will continue to do so. And we have proposed and will continue to propose some regulation of this trade anyway. Perhaps, if not close them, then take them out of some regional cities, large cities, from the main streets. We are for fair competition. If our companies can withstand all the technical regulations and requirements, we check clothes for all safety indicators, so we want everyone to work in the market,” Tatsiana Luhina explained.

The Bellegpram concern was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Ministry of Light Industry of Belarus and reports to the Council of Ministers. It consists of 96 organizations, 76 of which are industrial: textile, clothing, knitwear and leather and footwear. It also includes 16 other organizations and trade enterprises.