Belarusians urge Lukashenka to skip election

More than 300 video messages have been posted on the Youtube channel “Lukashenka, don’t run, rest!” The channel creators invite the Belarusians to join the campaign and send their videos to the mailbox.

The youtube channel appeared on November 24. The project initiators have recalled the words of the Belarusian President, who said he had no intention to hold on to power.

“If people don’t support me in an election, I won’t be offended. I’ve already worked for a decent number of years. It’s you who should think if I should run for office or not… I’ll propose my candidacy in these elections. But if I feel that you are totally against me, of course, I will be worried, but nevertheless, you must reject my candidacy in the election. And I have promised that I wouldn’t hold onto the chair with my blue fingers,” said Lukashenka at the polling station on November 17.

In response, hundreds of people have already sent a video message, saying that they are against Lukashenka’s candidacy for the post of president in 2020.