Belarusians collect online signatures against lynx hunting

The Ministry of Forestry of Belarus wants to exclude the lynx from the Red List of Belarus, the letter of First Deputy Minister Valyantsin Shatrauka claims. The letter has been posted on the Internet.

The document notes that hunters complain about the increase in the population of lynx and, accordingly, about the increase in damage from it (lynxes allegedly eat a lot of roe deer and hares).

“At present, we believe that a more effective solution would be to exclude the lynx from the Red List and include it in the list of regulated species of hunting animals,” the letter says.

At the same time, Deputy Minister admits that the number of lynx in Belarus, as well as the trends of its population changes, is not exactly established.

In this regard, the collection of signatures for the protection of lynx has begun on the website

“The last wild cat disappeared from the territory of Belarus even before the war, but now the lynx may get under threat of extermination,” note the authors of the petition.

The Belarusians want the lynx not to get excluded from the Red List. They also want there to be an action plan for the preservation of the population of these animals and to increase funding for monitoring their number. At the moment the petition has already been signed by more than 600 people.