Belarusian police prosecute journalist for making documentary for Belsat

Homiel police are prosecuting a freelance journalist Maryia Bulavinskaya-Lyapina for “illegal production and distribution of media”.

The protocol was drawn up by an officer of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Homiel, A. Huseu,“ Homiel Viasna” reports.

The journalist is accused of making the film “Homeless City” about the destruction of wooden buildings in Homiel, which was commissioned by our TV channel. The journalist acted as the author and director of the film.

Film the authorities did not like

Maryia Bulavinskaya-Lyapina commented on the authorities’ concern about her:

“As far as I know, this is the first time that somebody was prosecuted for a video of such format. Usually, the authorities react to sharp social reports of the news format, but here they are interested in the cultural theme, the preservation of the architectural heritage. But this reaction is logical — the film documents the recent history of the wooden architecture destruction in Homiel. It is similar to the situation when the tradition of woodcarving was completely devoid of large presentable estates in the historical center of Homiel. The film illustrates the efforts of citizens to preserve old houses. I believe that the authorities initiated the case precisely after seeing the glory of “Gerostrats” – the people who deprived the old city of a solid layer of unique architecture. ”