Belarusian language textbook published in Japan for the first time

The book was the result of joint work of Belarusian-Japanese team of linguists.

The first part of the introductory course of the Belarusian language for the Japanese was written by senior lecturer of BSU Tatsiana Ramza (senior lecturer of BSU) and Professor of Tsukuba University Toshinobu Usuyama and Shiori Kiyosawa, graduate student of literature and linguistics from the same high school.

This information on the private page of Kiyosawa, who studied the Belarusian language at BSU, was found by Radio Racyja.

The book is to become a textbook in the foreign language center of the Tsukuba University.

The textbook is based on the materials developed on the subject of “Slavic Languages ​​and Cultures”, which was taught at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Tsukuba in 2015.


“This book is the first introductory practical textbook of the Belarusian language in Japan,” wrote Shiori Kiyosawa.

The textbook received the perfect name “Let’s try it!”. I hope that this first “try” of the Belarusian language study for every interested Japanese reader will grow further into a deep interest in the culture, history, and other diverse attractiveness of Belarus,” writes the linguist.

photo: Shiori Kiyosawa