Belarusian journalists hunted down by police (updated)

Today, our colleagues across the country are being “hunted”. “Belsat” crews have been detained in four cities.

Ales Lyauchuk was detained in Kobryn

A freelance journalist working with Belsat, Ales Lyauchuk, wrote about his detention on Facebook. He had time to write he was being detained. Now his phone is switched off. His location is unknown. There are reports that Ales Lyauchuk was detained in Kobryn.

Detentions in Homiel

Larysa Shchyrakova, another freelancer working with “Belsat”, has reported of being detained in Homiel. The police said her car could have been stolen.

Yesterday, Larysa had to pay a fine in the amount of 7 basic units for participation in the non-parasite march in Rahachou on 12 March.

Kanstantsin Zhukouski who was driving his own car was also stopped by the police. Traffic policemen wanted him to open the trunk. Zhukouski said he would only do it with witnesses.

“More than three hours have passed. They still have not returned our documents!” Kastus Zhukouski reported at 15:20.

Volha Chaychyts and Syarhei Kavaliou detained in Barysau

Journalists Volha Chaychyts and Syarhei Kavaliou were detained during the live broadcast. They were in the middle of an online broadcast from the square in Barysau.