Belarusian enterprises continue to trade with DNR and LNR. Belsat unveils another illegal scheme

Throughout the past year, Belarusian goods used various bypasses to get into the Russian-ccupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. Trade between Belarus, the DNR and the LNR continues today. And this is despite the fact that official Kyiv has already drawn the attention of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to possible sanctions for Belarusian companies for trading with Donetsk and Luhansk. Belsat journalists have unveiled another scheme.

On condition of anonymity, delivery drivers confirmed to us that they regularly carry goods into the territories occupied by Russia. Belarusian products end up mainly in the DNR and LNR.

Using a special service for truckers called, it can be determined how often goods from Belarus enter captured Ukrainian territories from our country. In particular, it is known that the Baranavichy poultry factory “Druzhba”, the Zhabinka sugar factory and the Brest distillery “Belalko” supply goods to the DNR and LNR.

One of the drivers told us the following: “My colleagues regularly transferred goods to Donetsk and Luhansk, at first it was profitable, but gradually salaries began to fall. There were also cases when the customer did not pay for the goods. You probably understand that it is almost impossible to win an argument in the conditions that the Donbass lives now. As a rule, the goods came with double documents. First document was made in order to get to Rostov, and then it was thrown out there, new ones were made,” the driver told us.

For example, in December, 20 tones of chicken were delivered to Donetsk by the Baranavichy factory “Druzhba”, as can be seen from this order in the screenshot.

We called the company, where we were told that Druzhba does carry goods to Donetsk, but declined to comment further. But already this year, Druzhba is looking for a carrier that would deliver 40 tons of chicken to another occupied Ukrainian city — Makeyevka. Payment for the delivery of goods to the Ukrainian Makeyevka is promised in Russian rubles, to find out more detailed information, you need to submit a paid request for transportation.

Screenshots of negotiations of potential client and transport company

You can also see that an unknown company is looking for three vehicles to deliver 60 tons of food to Luhansk from Zhabinka. The source of claims that 20 tons of these 60 are sugar, which is produced by the Zhabinka sugar factory.

The company refused to answer our questions. The Brest distillery “Belalko” also would not comment on its trading activities with the DNR.