Belarusian diplomat badly wounded in Turkey

Belarusian embassy in Turkey, Photo:

Alyaksandr Pahanshau, a minister-counsellor at the Embassy of Belarus to Turkey, was severely wounded in Ankara on Wednesday evening.

The diplomat was hit by two bullets, his condition is grave.

“Last night, the diplomat underwent an urgent operation, it was effective. But the doctors say his condition is critical, he is still in intensive care,” Anatol Hlaz, Spokesman for the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told RIA Novosti.

Pahanshaг was returning home together with his kid, when a neighbour fired at him. Immediately after the attack, the perpetrator committed suicide. According to Turkish media, the attacker, a retired serviceman, was ‘mentally unstable’. Reportedly, there was a long-standing conflict between the neighbours.

Video from the scene, published by Neohaber