Belarusian cosmetics company Modum expanding horizons

You can now literally touch the Belarusian language and ornament.

Belarusian cosmetics company “Modum” (known in particular for the manufacture of the tothpaste “32 pearls”) has released a line of skin care products called “Asoba”.».[/vc_column_text]

The first product there – hand cream “Fainy” – has already hit store shelves. In the future the Belarusian-cosmetics will be sold outside Belarus.

Belarus as part of the European culture

The line was designed by the head of the studio “Adliha” Anatol Lazar, who said that the idea about ​the new series and its design is fully owned by the company.


The packaging design was aimed to fulfill three conditions: be informative and Belarusian in style, be in and provide an opportunity for product presentation abroad.

“We did not set the task to produce an entirely local product. The challenge was to combine the traditional cognitive images with those from Europe. Therefore, we have there a “Belarusian embroidery with the British flag,” Lazar explained the design concept.

Our target audience here is the educated youth.

And added to that package design perfectly demonstrates how our foreign European and Belarusian perfectly applicable to each other.

Is there an alternative?

According to the head of “Adliha,” there have been no applications of the Belarusian language in the cosmetics on such an industrial-scale before.

In fact, the amount of the Belarusian language products in the cosmetics industry is extremely small. You can please your body and the eye only, perhaps, with handmade soap of the already quite famous company ‘Karali’, the main raison d’être of which is the dissemination of knowledge about the Belarusian language and history, as well as the development of a sense of pride in being Belarusian.

Volya Zharnasek