Belarusian cheeses conquer world

In January-March 2019, the local manufacturers of cheeses and cottage cheese exported almost 60 thousand tons of product. This is 11 tons more than in the same period of 2018, Belstat reports.

According to these indicators, Belarus is in the fourth place ahead of Australia, Iran and Switzerland. The EU is in the first place — the export of cheese amounted to 262 thousand tons there. The US comes second with 99, and the third is New Zealand with 89.8 thousand tons.

The majority of the Belarusian dairy products (94%) goes to Russia. Also, our products are purchased by Bulgaria, Georgia, Jordan, China, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Japan.

The Belarusian retail has 330 types of cheeses.

The top three producers of cheese in Belarus include Savushkin Product, Byarozauski and Turauski milk plants. Together, these enterprises produce almost a third (31.3%) of cheeses in the republic.