Belarusian authorities deporting ‘dangerous’ civil activist to Russia

Belarusian Migration Service is preparing to expel citizen of Russia Hanna Krasulina. She “is a danger to public order.” Among the formal reasons for expulsion is ticketless travel in public transport with a fine paid on the spot. It is noteworthy that Hanna Krasulina is the press secretary of an opposition party.

Hanna Krasulina is a citizen of Russia, she has been living in Minsk for 16 years already, her husband and children have Belarusian citizenship, her parents also moved to Belarus long ago. And now the Belarusian authorities are sending her out to Russia on the basis of a document for official use. The decision to expel Hanna was read out to her in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow District of Minsk.

“The regime has seriously “sunk”, there are no resources left except fear, intimidation and terror,” commented Hanna Krasulina, United Civil Party.

Hanna is the spokesperson for the United Civil Party and an active participant in political life, including the events of the 2010 presidential election. Formally, she is being deported due to three administrative violations. Two years ago, a protocol was drawn up on Hanna for participating in an authorized picket to collect signatures; last year, she was punished for meeting detained opposition activists at the detention center in Akrestsina. And the current violation is a paid fine for stowaway on public transport.

“Hanna Krasulina is a UCP press secretary, and her presence at public events is in line with her professional duties,” says Alena Tankachova, a human rights activist, who was deported from Belarus earlier.

Human rights activist Alena is also a Russian citizen and was also subjected to a three-year deportation. After 30 years of living in Belarus, she really felt at home here, so the process of expulsion was very traumatic for her. Authorities arranged her expulsion as a punishment for several speeding violations recorded by road radar. Although the true reasons in both cases are not at all “administrative”.

“This is a public status and a clear critical assessment of the sociopolitical processes that are taking place in Belarus,” says human rights activist Alena Tankachova, who was previously deported from Belarus.

Hanna Krasulina’s companions are more than outraged. Mikalay Kazlou, acting Chairman of the United Civil Party:

“I can tell you my reaction: it’s rage. I understand how lawless and inhuman it is! ”

The United Civil Party is treating the future expulsion of Krasulina as yet another violation of human rights by the Belarusian authorities. NMikalay Kazlou, acting Chairman of the United Civil Party:

“We will apply to the courts, to the diplomatic corps, as well as to the European parties that are close to us, in all bodies. If they (the authorities) think that they will no longer have any problems after the expulsion of Hanna, then I want to say: the problems are just beginning.”

Hanna Krasulina has to leave for Russia by the end of the month for 1 year. She plans to appeal the decision of the Migration Service in court.

Yaraslau Stseshyk,