Belarusian authorities are very afraid of public reaction to integration agreements, political scientist claims

A meeting of the Union State government negotiations related to the deepening of economic integration demanded by the Kremlin are underway. Prime Minister of Belarus Syarhei Rumas directly linked these processes to the prices of Russian hydrocarbons for Belarus and compensation for Russia’s tax maneuver.

We spoke about the threat to Belarusian independence with the director of the Center for European Transformation, Andrei Yahorau:

“If we call things by their own names, we see a blatant shameful trade in Belarusian sovereignty and independence. And we see that it is even said so directly that in exchange for hydrocarbons we are ready to give up part of our sovereignty…”

I think that to a great extent the Belarusian authorities are very afraid that there will be a very negative reaction to these agreements in the society. But I also think that there are certain hopes on the part of the government itself that they will be able to reach some agreements and change the nature of the “road maps”.

Valer Ruselik