Belarus showcases its latest achievements at MILEX-2019

The MILEX exhibition is the place for Belarus to showcase all the novelties of the domestic military-industrial complex. Among the most interesting are the Belarusian training and transport helicopter, the Defender and the V1 armored cars.

Raman Halouchanka, head of the State Military Industrial Committee:

“We keep up with the times. Of course, this requires a large investment and a lot of human resources. Everyone is talking about technology blockchain, artificial intelligence — we are also introducing them. For example, we are very actively using the systems of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the elements of neural networks for recognizing targets. ”

However, the biggest premiere is the 9M318 rocket for the Buk-MB3 anti-aircraft missile system. For the first time in history, the domestic defense industry has created such a product, which opens the way for the further development of rocket weapons.

Andrei Parotnikau, head of Belarus Security Blog:

“Until recently, Belarus did not have its own missile construction school. This is a very technically difficult tool. And, of course, the main question is how we managed to create an active homing rocket, because we did not have experience of this work. ”

“Buk-MB3” is actually a Belarusian medium-range anti-aircraft missile system that can hit objects at a distance of up to 70 kilometers and at an altitude of up to 25 kilometers. Belarus also presented the Polonez MLRS with a missile with a range of three hundred kilometers. Belarus has the technology to create a missile with a range of up to five hundred kilometers, which opens up opportunities for creating a domestic operational-tactical missile system.

Ihar Tyshkevich, Ukrainian Institute of the Future:

“On the one hand, back in 2014, Belarusian, so to speak, bounty hunters actively traveled to Ukraine and were looking for people who could help with rocket technologies. On the other hand, we know that China also invested into the rocket technology. ”

In total, the exhibition was attended by 170 exhibitors from 10 countries. Large delegations were brought by Russia and China. For the first time, Serbia and the Republic of South Africa took part in the MILEX exhibition. The management of the State Committee for Military Industry hopes that the volume of signed contracts will exceed $ 100 million.

Andrei Parotnikau, Head of Belarus Security Blog:

“Who can be a customer? It is clear that these are all old customers. It is unlikely that during the three-day exhibition agreements with someone new will be signed, with whom they have not worked before. That is, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, CIS countries, possibly African countries, the Arabian monarchy. ”

The exhibition will run until May 18 in the “Minsk-Arena” and on the site near it. Anyone who wishes can become familiar with the novelties of the domestic military-industrial complex. This is one of the rare moments when the security sphere becomes at least a little more open for ordinary citizens.

Dzmitry Mitskevich,