Belarus restricts sales of paracetamol, gloves and masks

The Ministry of Health has set limits for lump-sum sales of some goods in pharmacies, the letter posted on the website of the Ministry and dated April 9 says.

The norms of single sale will be valid from April 10 to July 1.

Thus, one person can buy 40 tablets of paracetamol (in the dosage of 200 mg or 500 mg), 40 tablets of arpetol (100 mg or 50 mg), 10 capsules of flustop in the dosage of 75 mg. For medical masks, bandages the norm of single sale will be 10 pieces, for gloves – 5 pairs.

It is allowed to sell 2 packs of antiseptic drugs, gels and solutions for hand treatment in a package not exceeding 100 ml – 2 packs, and in a package of more than 100 to 1000 ml – 1 package.

The letter is sent to all pharmacies regardless of their form of ownership.

The reason for the restrictions is a high demand for these products.