Belarus president apprehensive about Russia: “Our eastern brother’s actions raise concern”

Aliaksandr Lukashenka expects clarity from Russia in respect of Belarus, he said at a session of the Security Council on December, 16.

“The recent actions of our eastern brother cannot but raise concern. However, we are not drawing any conclusions yet, including me, before the meeting with the Russian President,” Lukashenka stressed. “I want to understand why the Russian Federation would act this way towards Belarus.” 

The president has admitted that the economy is a very vulnerable target in any country, in particular an export-oriented country in today’s situation.

“Once we agreed that the major threats for our country come from the economy. There are no other threats, including on the part of NGOs, some radical opposition and anything else. They cannot pose any threat in the first place. The government still lives up to people’s expectations. Although some people here have given up and stopped working, people still tolerate this government,” news agency BelTA quotes him as saying

As the country needs military security, social and political stability Lukashenka stressed that Belarus should develop and strengthen its defense capacities. He also noted that at the current meeting the Security Council wound plan the measures to prevent first of all military threats., following BelTA