Belarus playing sports while other sit at home in quarantine

The Italian police have deployed a special patrol to stop the possible gathering of people. The death toll from the coronavirus has exceeded 10,000 there. The new anti-record for the number of deaths per day set by Spain is 838. To encourage people to stay at home, the Prime Minister promised to keep the workers their salaries.

In Belarus, the quarantine is not even considered at the official level. There are sports competitions with fans in the stands. The head of Belarus plays sports and shares antivirus observations.

“There are no viruses here! You have not noticed them fly around, have you? And I don’t see any either!” said the head of Belarus, Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

The National Football League season is also in full swing — with disinfectants and temperature control. As for quarantine, in Belarus, it isobserved only for those who’ve recently arrived from abroad.

However, restrictions do apply for some. Telegram channel NEXTA has recently reported that the police are banned from entering and leaving the Vitsebsk region where one of the first cases of coronavirus was recorded.

Meanwhile, the latest data on the number of cases in Belarus are made public not as often as in all neighboring countries. No wonder there are rumors that the authorities may hide the information. In a telephone conversation with a blogger of Narodny Reportior, a girl from Minsk said that the doctors hadn’t reported on her relative having the COVID 19 until his health condition became critical.

According to the official information, there are 152 cases of coronavirus in Belarus. Over 30 people have been discharged or are preparing for discharge.

Yulia Labanava, Belsat