Belarus officials on ‘trade unions’ case: they did not pay taxes

The State Control Committee issued a press release clarifying the detention of representatives of the independent trade union REP.

“The bodies of financial investigations of the State Control Committee have launched a criminal case for tax evasion against the head of one of the trade unions of the Republic of Belarus, which are not part of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. The audit revealed that the chairman and the chief accountant of the trade union organization opened, with the purpose of personal enrichment, on behalf of the trade union, accounts in foreign banks, which received large sums of money (we are talking about hundreds of thousands of US dollars),” press release said.

Officials of the union violated the requirement of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the need to obtain special permission to open accounts abroad, reports.

“This way they were trying to hide the fact of receiving income outside of our country and evade paying tax on this income. The money was transferred in cash and transported into the Republic, for which the officials regularly traveled outside the country.”

A criminal case has been launched against the chairman of trade union — Henadz Fedynich and union accountant Ihar Komlik. They face up to 7 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.