Belarus MP comes up with draft bill on guarantees to Lukashenka

Hanna Kanapatskaya, a member of the lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament, prepared a draft law “On guarantees to President of the Republic of Belarus who stopped exercising his powers, and to members of his family.”

Одним из основных конституционных принципов государственного управления является принцип сменяемости. Это же относится и…

Opublikowany przez Анна Канопацкая Środa, 27 listopada 2019

Kanapatskaya intends to put the bill before the House of Representatives. In her opinion, there is a significant gap in the Belarusian legislation in the matter of the transition/change of power, which should be mended.

The document suggests that a former president of Belarus be provided with lifelong protective service, medical care, and monthly pension of 75% of the president’s salary. If the bill is passed, he will be allowed to use government phone lines, have assistants and live in one of his residences. In addition, official cars and medical services may be offered to the close relatives of the incumbent head of state.

In accordance with Kanapatskaya’s initiative, a former president should have immunity; his honour and dignity shall be protected by law. It is planned that he could not be held criminally or administratively liable for the things and acts performed during his presidential term. It may be also forbidden to detain, arrest, search and interrogate an ex-leader of the country in the investigation of cases related to the execution of presidential powers.

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