Belarus journo attacked by Russian propagandist tubes fears for life

In mid April, a number of Russia’s media outlets launched a propagandist campaign to discredit his name, Dzyanis Ivashyn, an editor at the international OSINT community InformNapalm, says.

According to the journalist, it is the Russian special services that might be orchestrating the smear campaign. Seeking to cut the likelihood of being abducted or murdered, Ivashyn declared he had no plans to visit Russia until Putin’s regime collapsed.

“I am not suicidally inclined; I am physically and mentally healthy. I love and value my life, a significant part of which is dedicated to strengthening the national security of Belarus; it is my journalistic role and my mission in life as I am a patriot,” Ivashyn stressed in today’s statement to the press.

“The Russian information operation pointed at me is unfolding amid the significant aggravation of Russian-Belarusian relations, i.e. withdrawing Russian envoy Babich, one more trade war, the Kremlin’s uncovered aspirations to swallow Belarus under the guise of developing the Union State project. Now we are facing a direct threat of losing the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. Russia’s aggressive action against me is just one of many steps taken as part of perpetrating this threat,” Ivashyn added.

In his opinion, Russia’s disinformation attack is the best indicator of his good performance. The journalist is not going to stop working.

InformNapalm volunteer initiative emerged as a response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine in March 2014. It aims at informing foreign readers about the developments in Ukraine and Syria. Its investigations are available for our readers in more than 20 languages, including Belarusian. Dzyanis Ivashyn is an aditor and translator at the Belarusian version of the project.

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