Belarus Free Theatre actress gets severe head injury when attacked by Minsk police (ENG video)

Belarus Free Theatre actress Yana Rusakevich got a severe head injury during the dispersal of the Freedom Day rally in Minsk on March 25.

A plainclothes policeman hit her on the head with a baton when Yana was filming a video and talking to people. The actress is in hospital now, she has a fracture of the skull.

Yana Rusakevich joined Belarus Free Theatre in 2005. She was dismissed from the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre for cooperation with Belarus Free Theatre and has been arrested twice for her professional activities and participation in peaceful political street rallies.

On March 25, Belarusians came to main squares of their cities to protest the ‘parasite’ law and celebrate the unofficial Freedom Day. But the Minsk riot police brutally dispersed the protest. Hundreds of people – even women, elderly people, journalists and ordinary passers-by – were arrested, battered and jailed. On Monday, judicial machinery was launched.