Belarus civil society should control pro-Russian forces – OSINT expert

Dzyanis Ivashyn, the editor of the OSINT web portal Informnapalm, explains why the Belarusian police have turned a blind eye to pro-Russian chauvinists’ picket held in downtown Minsk.

They expressed solidarity with the Russian Federation and the ‘brotherly nation’, called the European Union ‘freaks’ and warned that those who ‘were organizing Maidan’, would be sent into exile to Russia’s Magadan.

Belsat: What do such selectivity and blindness stem from? Every Belarusian knows how strongly the Belarusian police could react to democratic activists’ actions…

Unfortunately, there is a large agent net in Belarus’s law enforcement bodies, there are many potential influencers of the Russian Federation there. The fact that they are looking past the beginning of Russia’s launch of the destabilization scenario is a clear proof of it.

Belsat: Don’t Belarusian siloviki report to Lukashenka?

I must say that the holder of the picket, the so-called National Liberation Movement, cooperates with Cossack paramilitary organizations and is being developed and instructed in the ‘incubator’ – the belarusian office of Rossotrudnichestvo. The latter is under protection of the Russian Embassy in Belarus which, in turn, is a direct residency station of FSB and GRU.

Belsat: Was the action the beginning of a hybrid war or just a provocation? There were only six participants? Or did they want to test the ground and see the Belarusian authorities’, the police’s and citizens’ responses to such statements?

I think it was a test case. They do study and analyze the reaction of civil society and the Belarusian authorities. It should be oted that our civil society has done an outstanding job: thanks to activists and journalists, we identified all the participants of the action within one day! We know their names, dates of birth and where they live.

What are you going to do with this information?

We should detect and identify all Russian world adherents who are actually trying to destabilize the situation. We should keep them under strict public monitoring as protest actions may start in Belarus due to the economic situation. It is crucial to prevent these [pro-Russian] forces from getting protesters under control.