Belarus brings charges against two Russians detained over fireworks explosion in Minsk


Two Russian citizens have been charged with violation of the rules of handling explosive substances and pyrotechnic products, resulting in death by negligence (Article 299-2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus), the Investigative Committee reports.

There are two more suspect in the case, Ivan Naskevich, Head of the committee, said.

During the celebration in Minsk on July, 3, fireworks exploded; a 64-year-old woman was killed and about ten persons were injured. The fireworks bought in Russia were reported to be of poor quality. According to the Investigative Committee, the representatives of the supplier’s company violated the order of work with fireworks in the process of charging the fireworks and made a mechanical impact on the pyrotechnic charges while loading the mortars, which is not provided for by the rules of their handling.

The detainees, Konstantin Denisov, 28, and Maxim Sapronov, 25, arrived in Belarus to provide technical assistance in preparation for the holiday fireworks. The both men who were placed under arrest are giving evidence and cooperating with the investigators.

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