Authorities return to worst campaign practices, human rights defender says

Activist Zmitser Kazakevich was removed from the election after he was beaten up in Kurapaty: as a candidate for deputy he tried to distribute leaflets to visitors of the restaurant “Let’s Go Eat”. Withdrawal from the elections and a ban on opposition representatives from speaking in the media has been massive, campaigners say.

“We have 14 candidates and only 4 of them were on the air. The members of the commission got hysterical and shouted: “You are criticizing the government — this is unacceptable! Your slogan is “Basta” – we cannot allow it! They openly said so. It just shows that the authorities are afraid of the people who demand their replacement,” says coordinator of “European Belarus” Yauhen Afnahel.

Under such conditions, the election campaign is reaching its final stage.

The current elections are being held without obvious force and repression against the campaign participants, but other administrative mechanisms of influence on the elections in use.

On November 12, early voting will begin in Belarus.

Halina Abakunchyk,